A lot of changes took place during the past 70 years at R.E. Yrausquin & Sons. But one important aspect is, that it remained a family business. Family-owned companies come with their own unique advantages and challenges. Employees agree that at Yrausquin, they capitalize on the positives, and overcome the negatives.

Ruben Efrain Yrausquin laid the foundation of the company in Curaçao in 1952. Since then, the leadership of the company was determined by the individual positions in the family. As a result, there is longevity in leadership. Also, Yrausquin understands the power of treating employees like family. B.D.C. Coordinator Alicia Mangru sits next to Christina Yrausquin many times at the office. For Yrausquin, a family-like culture is important to cultivate caring, belonging, and respect. Even if you don’t always agree with each other.

Moreover, Yrausquin stands for high service quality. Parts Salesman Evert Piar believes in the company’s dedication and ability to provide the customer with prompt services. It is one of the organization’s core values. For Managing Director Ruben Yrausquin, no other approach makes sense. The bedrock of any relationship: Excellence, service, and honesty. “Clients buy from people they trust.”, according to Ruben Yrausquin.